Grower Farm Products
  • Tilapia Monosex fry ( Oreochromis niloticus )
  • Pangasius Fry ( Pangasius sutchi , Pangasius hypothalamus)
  • Carp Fry
    • Ruhi (Labeo rohita)
    • Katal (Catla catla)
    • Mrigal (Cirrhinus cirrhosus )
    • Bighead (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis)
    • Grasscarp (Ctenopharyngodon idella)
    • Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix)
    • Kalibaus (Labeo calbasu)
  • Oreocephalus traitus (Snakehead Fish), Local name : Shole Fish,
  • Anabas testudineus (Vietnami Anabus), Local Name : Koi Fish,
  • Ompok pabda (Local Name : Pabda),
  • Clarias batrachus (Local Name : Magur),
  • Chitala chitala (Local Name : Chital Fish) etc.
  • Fresh water eel & Tortoise.
Hatchery Products
  • Tilapia Monosex fry (Oreochromis niloticus)
  • Pangasius Fry (Pangasius sutchi , Pangasius hypothalamus)
  • Carp Fry
    • Ruhi (Labeo rohita)
    • Katal (Catla catla)
    • Mrigal (Cirrhinus cirrhosus )
    • Bighead (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis)
    • Grasscarp (Ctenopharyngodon idella)
    • Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix)
    • Kalibaus (Labeo calbasu)

K.K. Dairy, Poultry & Fisheries and Meridian Hatchery is a vision turned reality. A multi-dimensional fisheries and agricultural project that stretches over 100 acres of land with 70 ponds used as fish Production , 5 pond uses as fry nursing. 4 Pond uses for Brood stock Hapa, 6 Pond uses for New brood rearing, 2 pond for Sex Reversal Tilapia & 2 pond uses for Saleable fish fry Nursing. On the Other Hand 4 pond uses for Pangasius, Carp & other brood fish rearing & 4 Pond uses for Larval Rearing. The Grow out farm consist of 75 ponds & hatchery consist of 22 ponds.

There are 321 Coconut Trees, 465 Mango (Amropali) Trees, 50 Guava Trees, 510 Seasonal Papaya plantations, 360 Betel nut and other local trees. Among the 100 Acre area 60 Acre are using for Regular Cultivation, 24 acre for Hatchery operation & rest of portion are using for Horticulture.

Tilapia Mono Culture: 10000 kg/acre /yr
Pangasius Mono Culture: 20000 kg/ acre/yr

Number purchased

Price in BDT

Price in BDT (Depend on Size& Weight)

Tilapia Monosex



Carp & Other's

Under 100,000

1.0 to 1.30

Bear By Buyer



Under 300000

0.95 to 1.20

Bear By Supplier



Over 500,000

0.90 to 1.10

Bear By Supplier



Over 1,000,000 in 6 months

0.85 to 1.00

Bear By Supplier



Carp, Tilapia & Pangasius (Mixed) Culture: 12000 kg/ acre/yr
Carps (Polly Culture) = 8000 kg/acre/yr
Tilapia Monosex Fry : 80000000 Individual/Year
Pangasius : 1000000 Individual / yr
Carp & Other’s : 1000000 Individual/yr
Packing and Transport

There is no packing charge for fry purchased at the farm gate unless the fish are packed in foam boxes for air freight. Most customers collect their fish in pick-up trucks, which can carry 100 – 400 bags ( Size : 26 X16 inch ) depending on the height of the pick-up. There are two sizes of bag used, a large one ( 30 X 20 Inch) for transport times 2 hrs to 20 hours and a smaller bag for local sales. 1” fish are packed at 500 to 800 pcs per box with an extra 5% to cover mortality. Most customers pay in cash, but some customers transfer money and bring the pay slip to collect the fish fry.
For customers who do not have any transport, Meridian Hatchery can hire a local hauler to deliver fish to a customer. The cost of transport in this case should be paid by the customer to the hauler directly. Another alternative is to buy fry from a Meridian Hatchery agent. Our sales staff will provide contact details of the nearest agent in your area on request.

Payment :

All fish, Fish fry purchased at the farm gate must be paid for immediately on receiving the goods. The following options are available for payment:
1) Cash at Project /Head office
2) Transfer money - please contact the sales department for the bank account details most suitable for you and inform our staff that you intend to transfer money prior to picking up your goods.

Export sale:

Payment for all goods must be made in advance of dispatch and the following options are available:
1) Transfer money – the account details are printed at the bottom of the invoice. It would be helpful if you could inform us when and how much money has been transferred so that we can identify where any money appearing in the account has come from.
2) Pay by Letter of credit (L/C)

It is core nucleus, which presently consists of the Fish Grow out farm is located in Mirsorai Upazilla under Chittagong District Approximately 90 km far from Chittagong Town & 30 Km far from Feni Town (see map)
Tilapia Sex Reversal , Induced Breeding of different types of Fish, a broodstock development Chamber farm and the nursery/sales farm is located in Sonagazi Upazilla under Feni District. Approximately 30 km far from Feni Town & 90 km far from Chittagong Town ((see map))

We are committed to help our valued Fish farmer by providing technical service. Our technical team are working to transfer the technology & ensure bio-security, of fish farming industries.
We always go with farmer before & after sales service. If you need any kinds of help such as Technical service during the culture period, i.e. Pond Preparation, Stocking Density ( Nursing & grow Out ), Feeding Schedule & hatchery related any kinds of inquiry, Pls feel free to call us on the following number or email:
Customer Service:
Cell no. +8801730012547, +8801709662966, +8801730012546

Corporate Office :

Meridian Group
1367 CDA Avenue, Chittagong
Phone : +880-31-650001, 652050
Fax : +880-31-650154
Cell no. : +8801730012547
Email :
Website :

Farms Office:

1. Meridian Hatchery : Muhury Project, Sonagazi-Feni.
Email :
Cell no. ++8801709662966,
2. K.K. Dairy, Poultry & Fisheries : Muhury Project, Mirshrai –Chittagong.
Email :
Cell no. +8801730012546