K.K Dairy, Poultry, Fisheries & Meridian Hatchery

K.K,Dairy, Poultry, Fisheries & Meridian hatchery are Concern of Meridian Group. It is a multidimensional Fish grower farms, Sex reversal Tilapia Fry & Induced breeding of different types of Cat fishes , Anabas & Carp fishes that stretches 120 Acre area. The Fish grower farms are located at Muhury Project under Mirsarai Upazilla in Chittagong District & Hatchery area located at Muhury Project under Feni District.

The company has started his fish grower farms in 1998 & has been producing high quality mono sex tilapia, Cat fishes , Anabas & Carp fishes fry to supply the Bangladeshi fish farming industry since 2009. Utilizing a process of egg collection, incubation and sex reversal of swim-up fry in hapas/ Cement Tank for 21 -28 days, using methyl testosterone-impregnated feed,

By using different type of inducing agent, we produced Cat fishes , Anabas & Carp fishes under supervision of Technical Expert who has been trained by the Asian institute of technology (AIT), Thailand, Central Institute of Fresh Water Aquaculture ( CIFA), India, Vietnam Fisheries Association, Vietnam & Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Centre ( SEAFDEC), Philippine whose are the inventive organization of mono sex Tilapia, Carps & Cat fishes. The response from Bangladeshi fish farmers was overwhelming to the extent that now produces up to 60 million 1" monosex fry per year & induced breeding of Pangasius & Carps fry quantity of 20 million covers an area of 34 acre & yearly fish production 620 MT from grower farms cover an area of 86 acre. And employs 100 staff.

There are 321 Coconut Trees, 465 Mango (Amropali) Trees, 50 Guava Trees, 510 Seasonal Papaya plantations, 360 Betel nut and other local trees. Among the 100 Acre area 60 Acre are using for Regular Cultivation, 24 acre for Hatchery operation & rest of portion are using for Horticulture.

In respect of quality Fish fry production our institution achieved “National Fisheries Award -2011” & Women Entrepreneur ( Ms. Kohinoor Kamal ) award in 2005 in respect of Fish production. .Our organization is not only the fish & fry production center but also a training centre. To transfer the technology & ensure bio-security, sometimes we arrange training program for the fish farmer & provide the technical support during the culture period for better yield.

When was is founded

K.K. Dairy Poultry & Fisheries was established in 1998 and the original plan was to produce fish, Husbandry of the Cattle ,Broiler & Layer Poultry. During the fish culture period company has fallen a quality fish fry problem. To get rid the fish fry problem & more fish production the venture of Meridian Hatchery began 2009.