Meridian Group CSR is the premeditated addition of public importance into corporate decision-making, and the honoring of a triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profit. Meridian Group is guided by economic, legal, ethical and charitable responsibility that dealing with Stakeholders, employees, consumers, business partners, government and the wider community.

Health Care

Meridian Group takes a collective effort to make public health as frontline agenda; Meridian Group has initiated and implemented several programs including Health Care Program and Eye Campaign Program in different areas at Bandarban, Noakhali, Mirsarai, Feni etc. Meridian arranges Eye Campaign for almost 3,000 people each year. It takes nearly 500 people who are affected by the complexity of eyes every year. Therefore, Meridian Group serves the under-privileged and deprived community by taking full free surgery such as Cataract Surgery (Extracapsular & Intracapsular Surgery), Glaucoma Surgery, Lid Repair Surgery etc. each year. Everything is done here as free of cost. Henceforth, free medicine is being given to almost 1,500 people over the year for ensuring their sound health and free from diseases in locality. Meridian Group is working jointly with Lions International Eye Foundation. The Managing Director of Meridian Group is an active life time partner of Lions International Eye Foundation. “Eye Campaign” is associated with Meridian Group & Lions International Eye Foundation. Meridian Group tries to conduct health issues for the under-privileged and deprived community. As a result Meridian Group Health Care Program has reached the under-privileged and deprived community. Considering the health of the under-privileged and deprived community, Meridian Group has dreamt a new project of building a Charity Hospital in Noakhali District. Very shortly it will launch. Now, we can proudly say that we have been running this program since 12years and onwards.


Distribution of Winter Clothing

A large number of people in Bangladesh live under the poverty line and with the touch of misery due to extreme cold in winter season. In the north zone of Bangladesh, the percentage of poor people live below the poverty line is quite high. Their existence can also be found in our capital. Many of them are child. They cannot afford to buy winter clothes to keep them warm. So, to give them some warm care, Meridian Group distributes Quilt and Clothes to these people in winter season. At every winter season, Meridian runs this program very eagerly.


Relief Fund

Being a natural disastrous country, Bangladesh has to face lots of natural disasters almost each year. As a helping hand of the Government of Bangladesh, Meridian Group reaches its hands to the affected people at the time of natural disaster all over the country. Meridian Group has a Relief Fund to operate this program. It donates its relief to the Honorable Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, Protom alo Relief Fund, Lions International Club, Dist: 315 before Inner Wheel Club, Dist: 345 and Chander Hat, a National Children, Youth & Juvenile Organization. Even sometimes we personally donate the relief to the affected people.


Educational Program

Renewing its CSR philosophy, Meridian Group has ensured the educational program for the child of the underprivileged workers as well as for local villagers where our business is being operated. It arranges Scholarship Program for the meritorious Students of the country. Besides, to ensure the mandatory education of its workers, Meridian has run the educational program for its workers and for the rural people. Meridian provides free necessary educational equipments to the child of its rural people so that they can enjoy their rights of education. In this current year, we have provided a Grant for Scholarship Program to Lions International Club.


Rural Development

Through our Meridian Agro Industry, we are able to contribute to the development for the rural people at Bandarban where the most of our workers are tribal. Gradually we are improving the conditions of these rural people wherever we operate our business.