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Meridian Group is one of the fastest growing
group of companies in Bangladesh.
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Strategy & Planning

Meridian Group is very well organized and efficient organization. Each and every concern of this group is very much well planned and our strategy for running the industrial process is outstanding.

Ensure Top Quality

Meridian is strictly maintaining the efficient industrial processes and production in order to ensure top quality food products which are inspected and certified by the respective authorities in regular basis.

Workplace Safety

Meridian Group believe in worker rights and safety. We ensure the safest workplace for our industrial workers and employees as well as we provide all kinds of benefits and facilities needed to be a standard company

Latest Technology

Meridian Group is very much sincere to use latest technologies and production facilities. We believe in staying updated with the world. We have all the newest machinaries and equipment and have plan to get some more in recent future.


Meridian Group with corporate office in Chittagong was incorporated in 1992's with Meridian Hotel & Restaurant and is today become one of the renowned business house in Bangladesh. Though the group started its business with Hotel & Restaurant, at present it has nine business concerns

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